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Wicro plastics now has over 60 years' experience in injection molding of plastics. This pertains to both technical semi-finished products with small tolerances, complex design, and high dimensional stability, and products that are clearly visible for the purposes of which stringent requirements are set in terms of color, luster and surface structure. We are capable of processing all thermoplastics, from standard materials to the 'exotics'. The raw materials are transported via a closed transport system to drying units and then to the chosen machine.

Our machinery comprises 33 injection molding machines with a clamping force from 50 to 650 metric tons. Furthermore, Wicro Plastics has at its disposal a versatile gas injection station and various options for providing products with tampon printing on the processing line. All machines are automated and equipped with robots, enabling unmanned production.

Our own tool shop makes it possible to perform rapid repairs and preventive maintenance on molds and tools, enabling us to think quickly on our feet, if need be.


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