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Wicro Plastics has been producing in excess of 100 molds a year in China for a decade now. These molds are designed by our engineers, consequently meeting the product specifications set by the customer. During the design phase the product design is assessed in terms of feasibility, efficiency, quality and price. Wherever possible, our engineers will offer suggestions for improvement. We are eager to get involved in your projects right from the outset, enabling us to contribute our ideas and home in on your wishes and questions.

Our engineers supervise the production of the molds from the Netherlands and carry out sample moldings and acceptance tests of these molds in China. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the molds are subjected to further testing at Wicro Plastics to ensure that desired level of quality can be assured.

Wicro Plastics guarantees long-term production, with shot warranties being fine-tuned to the duration of the project. The type of steel used will depend on the size of the batch to be produced, but will always come from Western Europe. Accurate planning and follow-up ensure we are able to guarantee timely delivery of mold and commencement of production in our factory. Our reliability is consistently 98%.

Wicro Plastics also has a fire-retardant space for storing molds. Maintenance of these molds can be performed by us in the optimum manner so as to safeguard continuity of production.


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