Wicro Coating

Wicro Coating is the partner for a ‘finishing touch’.

Wet coating is the application of one or more layers of paint and one of Wicro’s disciplines.

Since mid 2009 Wicro has had a fully automated wet coating unit, which is suitable for all manner of products and materials. The maximum dimensions which are possible are 850 x 850 x 640 mm depending on geometry. We can process surfaces in matt and high-gloss, as well as with a smooth surface or structure.

Products can be given a bilateral paint coating by robots on the fully automated line. What’s more, the high degree of automation ensures a reliable, reproducible process. The equipment is also pre-eminently well suited to being used to achieve larger series with short turnaround times.

A wide array of available paints enables us to give your product the specific image you want it to have.

The painting systems that can be used are solvent-based and water-based. The excess paint (overspray) is collected by a water wall and extracted by air and water to a water treatment unit. Here, the overspray is separated from the water and carried off in an environmentally friendly manner for further processing.

We would be happy to discuss the options for your product with you!



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